About the Humanitarian Futures Programme

News, updates, and items from the Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP) at King’s College, London.

Over the next two decades, the dimensions and dynamics of humanitarian threats will change exponentially. So too will the ways to deal with such threats. The 21st century organisation with humanitarian roles and responsibilities will have to be more anticipatory, adaptive and collaborative. Organisations with humanitarian roles and responsibilities have to be better able to anticipate, adapt and respond to future humanitarian threats than they do today. And they can. That is the message and the goal of the Humanitarian Futures Programme [HFP].

The HFP is designed to help organisations with humanitarian responsibilities to prepare for future humanitarian threats. These threats will be more complex and unpredictable than those of today, and their impacts of an exponentially different order. HFP at the same time also focuses upon a growing number of solutions to help such organisations strengthen their prevention, preparedness and response capacities. These potential solutions come from a wide range of sources – including the natural and social sciences, the corporate sector and the military.

The HFP is developing a series of tools, methods and approaches to assess humanitarian organisations’ futures capacities and the potential ways to strengthen them. In addition to our partner organisations, these resources are being created to aid the wider humanitarian community in planning for the future. Some of these tools can be found on our website or can be requested by email.

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