Water shortages rising across globe, but especially in India

May 18, 2009


Jaymi Heimbuch reports on a recent report from Grail Research on water shortages across the globe.

From her summary at TreeHugger:

Key findings from the study include:

By 2025, India, China and select countries in Europe and Africa will face water scarcityif adequate and sustainable water management initiatives are not implemented, and an estimated 3 Billion people will be living below the water stress threshold.

Although low and middle income developing countries currently have low per capita water consumption, rapid growth in population and inefficient use of water across sectors is expected to lead to a water shortage in the future. Developed countries will need to focus on reducing consumption through better management and practices.

By 2050, per capita water availability in India is expected to drop by about 44% due to growing populations and higher demand, as well as higher pollution levels.

The report takes a fascinating look at how water demands are changing, the policies currently in place, projected policies, and the future of fresh water across the planet, but with a very specific look at India. The numbers, while frightening, also show where change is possible and disaster avoidable…if the warning signs are heeded.