UN ups its low population projection figures

March 25, 2009


The United Nations Population Division just revised the low end global population projections for 2050, upping the figure 117 million people to nearly 8 billion.

Worldwatch reports on the change;

The revision in the low variant’s total fertility rate – the average number of children per woman – was due to a rise in births in Europe and the United States following years of an “artificially depressed” fertility rate, according to demographics expert John Bongaarts. This lower rate was a consequence of large proportions of women delaying pregnancy until later in their lives.

“During the ‘90s, while the average age at childbearing was rising, women became more educated, wanted a job,” said Bongaarts, vice president of thePopulation Council. “That artificial depression is now being removed as the average age of childbearing stops rising.”