The HFP Climate Change Exchange

The HFP is currently running a pilot exchange programme linking climate scientists and humanitarian policy makers.  Those involved in the exchange will be posting comments, thoughts and reflections here over the months of April and May, 2009.

In four different pilot projects, scientists will be spending two days at a humanitarian organisation, learning about the needs and challenges of the sector and reflecting way that climate science could inform policy and operations. Humanitarian policy makers will then be hosted at the partner scientific institution, to gain a greater understanding of the work done by climate scientists, the tools available to them and some of the issues around assessing and using scientific data.  

The exchange programme came out of an initial workshop on using climate science hosted by the HFP in January 2009 which explored ways that humanitarian organisations are approaching climate change. Four pilots are taking place during April and May in the UK, and onein India, and following it is hoped the programme can be expanded. 

Click here for a list of posts from the Climate Change Exchange Fellows, as well as look out for posts on the main blog page with the tag “climate change exchange“.

2 Responses to The HFP Climate Change Exchange

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  2. Andy Morse says:

    I am slowly putting together some links on a Climate and Weather for Humanitarian Agencies website that may be of interest. Here is the short URL

    I am happy to add your own links try to send in batches otherwise I may miss them.

    the page can be moved elsewhere later and as it is on Google I should in theory be able to share editorial rights with others

    Cheers, Andy

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