Free guide to GIS mapping for aid organisations


MapAction just published a free guide to GIS mapping for aid organisations.

The guide covers quite a comprehensive range of topics, from basic mapping concepts, through to data entry, up to issues of data sharing and representation.

From the introduction:

The guide was written to meet the need for practical, step-by-step advice for aid workers who wish to use free and open-source resources to produce maps both at field and headquarters levels. The first edition contains an introduction to the topic of GIS, followed by chapters focused on the use of two recommended free software tools: Google Earth, and MapWindow. However much of the guidance is also relevant for users of other software. In addition there is a chapter on using GPS to collect data during humanitarian emergencies.

The full report can be found here.  This is the first time we’ve come across MapAction as an organisation.  Has anyone worked with them before?  Does anyone know how this relates to the Crisis Mappers group?

2 Responses to Free guide to GIS mapping for aid organisations

  1. Paul C says:

    For shame. MapAction have built quite a high profile in the last few years, having become a standby partner for OCHA for their emergency mapping requirements in the field. I waxed enthusiastic here.

  2. hfpblog says:

    Thanks Paul!

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