Nicholas Stern, “Politicians aren’t getting the message”

Guardian reporters reflect on Nicholas Stern’s comments;

Do politicians really know what will happen if we hit 3, 4, 5 degree rises in temperature?  I don’t think they do.  The politicians can tell you we can still hit a target of 2 degrees.  The scientists won’t.  People here are saying that 2 degrees is gone, we’re going to be lucky to limit rise to 3 degrees, but actually we’re looking more like 4 degrees.

4 degrees would be extinction for huge numbers of species, massive drought and famine for millions of people.

Stern himself is quoted:

Do the politicians understand just how difficult it could be? Just how devastating four, five, six degrees centigrade would be? I think not yet. Looking back, the Stern review underestimated the risks and underestimated the damage from inaction.


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