Yet more sparkling predictions of doom

Continuing our theme of collapse dialogue in the media (see previous posts here and here), here is a gem from Bruce Sterling, one of this blogger’s favourite forecasters of all things creative and destructive.  From his article in Seed Magazine, “2009 Will be a Year of Panic“:

The climate. People still behave as if it’s okay. Every scientist in the world who isn’t the late Michael Crichton knows that it’s not. The climate is in terrible shape; something’s gone wrong with the sky. The bone-chilling implications haven’t soaked into the populace, even though Al Gore put together a PowerPoint about it that won him a Nobel. Al was soft-peddling the problem.

An later on the role of science in public policy:

To be a creationist president is not a problem. A suicide cult is the most effective political actor in the world today. Clearly the millions of people embracing fundamentalism like to make up their own facts…

If science is discredited, why should mere politics have any intellectual rigor? Just cobble together a crazy-quilt mix-and-match ideology, like Venezuelan Bolivarism or Russia’s peculiar mix of spies, oil, and Orthodoxy. Go from the gut — all tactics, no strategy — making up the state of the world as you go along! Stampede wildly from one panic crisis to the next. Believe whatever is whispered. Hide and conceal whatever you can. Spy on the phone calls, emails, and web browsing of those who might actually know something.

If that leads you to a miserable end-state, huddling with the children in a fall-out shelter clutching silver bullion, then you can congratulate yourself as the vanguard of civilization.

This all from an article extolling the realities of a post-Westphalian grass roots politics, the growing un-insurability of coastal and flood prone properties, and the doom of elders who “will not go gently into the night”.  Keep in mind Sterling is a science fiction author of course, but it is yet another “weak signal” indicating the zeitgeist of the moment.

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  1. […] on climate change.  These are scientists, not science fiction authors (see Bruce Sterling’s “2009 will be a year of panic” post).  They are not prone to exaggeration.  We face the very real possibility of global extinction, […]

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